Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hanky Pankies are back!! Made in the USA!

A new shipment of Hanky Pankies have hit our sales floor, and they are flying out the door both here and at Love Shack. We got both the original and the low rise in a variety of colors. Since they came in on Friday, we already had to reorder several colors! The neons are super fun, and we also got some classics; flamingo pink, nude, black, and white. 

For those who have never donned a pair of these fabulous undies, you haven't lived! They are super comfortable, come in a full spectrum of colors, and are a must have for any wardrobe. When they were first shown to me, the sales associate put them over her arm and pulled. Because the lace was wide on the side, they didn't leave a line. She also promised that they wouldn't roll down. She was right on both counts. One size fits all sizes from 0 to 12. Original rise comes up in more of a V while low rise is more straight across. We always recommend purchasing one of each so that you can decide which one you love. 

Hanky Pankies are also easy to care for. We just wash them and lay them flat to dry-- they come out perfectly! (The heat of your dryer will deteriorate the elastic in the panties, so avoid it at all costs!)

A their $20 price point, some are hesitant, but once they get just one pair, they are quickly hooked on never showing a panty line again! 

The best part, they are made in the USA-- right in New York! 

What are your favorite Hanky Panky colors? Let us know in the comments so we can carry them for you!

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