Friday, August 16, 2013

Children's Jack Rogers Sale 50% off!

Hello Jack Rogers fans! We went through our shoes and found that we had some discontinued colors. We are offering the shoes at a 50% discount until they're gone! 

The colors and sizes available as of August 16th are: 

Size 9: Lime Patent Croc; Yellow/white; Pink/Fuschia; Navy/white; Lime/white; Black Patent Croc

Size 10: Lime Patent Croc; Light blue/white; Multi-colored; Aqua/Lime; Black Patent Croc

Size 11: Lime Patent Croc; Light Blue/white; Multi-colored; Lime/white

Size 3: Daisies; Pink/fuschia; Black Patent Croc

Size 4: Daisies

Come in, email us at, or call us at 561-276-8088 and get yours while they are still here!! Happy shopping! 

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